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Luxury Sideboard Dandy

Item number 98379

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Luxury Sideboard Dandy

  • Material: walnut wood, brass, straw
  • Width: 190 cm | 74.8"
  • Depth: 50 cm | 19.7"
  • Height: 80 cm | 31.5"
  • Color: brown / gold

Like vintage radios, this console will make you look twice. No, it’s not a giant radio but a rare wood & gold sideboard. The sleek outline of this unique midcentury modern piece makes you surrender to the Scandinavian design every time you look at it. Solid walnut and gold plated brass are the exquisite material that form this rare sideboard. It is the perfect statement piece for your living room, dressing room or any room, and it will make your retro home complete.