Delightfull Luxury Floor Lamp Stardust

Item number 98305

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Delightfull Luxury Floor Lamp Stardust

  • Material: brass
  • Diameter: 40 cm | 15.7"
  • Height: 169 cm | 66.5"
  • Weight: 18 kg | 40 lbs
  • Fitting: 7x E14
  • Power: max 40W

Stardust Floor is a Mid-Century Modern revolving lamp inspired in stellar orbits. Feel attracted by its harmony and beauty as if you were following the constellations at night. Constructed out of brass tubing into a rounded oblong shape, it shines brightly due to the light cast by the bulbs arranged in the same way as a candelabra. Ideal for big classic dining room as well as in a modern living room, it will bring an astral beauty to your space.