Casa Padrino

Casa Padrino Luxury Baroque Boulle Console with Table Clock Black / Red / Gold 80 x 35 x H. 208 cm - Handcrafted Solid Wood Console Table with Clock - Baroque Furniture - Noble & Magnificent

Item number 113973

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Magnificent handcrafted luxury baroque boulle console with table clock by Casa Padrino

Console material: solid wood, brass

Table clock material: solid wood, brass, glass, clockwork

Dimensions console: 80 x 35 x H. 98 cm

Table clock dimensions: 63 x 27 x H. 110 cm

Color: black / red / gold

High quality materials

High quality processed

Easy-care & durable material

Luxury quality

Made in Italy

From the luxury baroque collection by Casa Padrino!

You are buying a product from the Casa Padrino brand.
Casa Padrino is a Europe-wide renowned producer and distributor of baroque furniture and luxury decorative items and a registered trademark at the German Patent and Trademark Office.

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