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CPBlack Luxury Safe by Casa Padrino Cream / Gold - Luxury Collection

Item number 98048

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CPBlack Luxury Safe by Casa Padrino


The Diamond Safe is an impenetrable place with a unparalleled personality and feel, capable of leaving anyone awestruck, yet only allowing entry to a select few.

  • Material: stainless steel, wood, lacquer
  • Width: 82 cm | 32.3"
  • Depth: 67 cm | 26.4"
  • Height: 160 cm | 63.0"
  • Color: gold / high gloss cream


Product features:
Safe structure built from wood with a cream lacquered finish with high gloss varnish coat. Safe interior divided in 3 sections, the top fitted with a watchwinder box; the middle as a shelve with a gold leaf finish, and the bottom section fitted with a certified safe box. Safe base is finished in gold leaf. 
Arts and Techniques:
Joinery, Lacquering, Gold leaf application. 
Materials and Finishes:
High gloss cream lacquered finish; with gold leaf interior shelve and base. 
The safe interior is fully customizable to accomodate the users needs. Overall measurement and colors are customizable with an upcharge. 
Observations for mounting:
Contains pads on the base to protect the support area. 
Clean and Care:
Dry cloth.

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