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Casa Padrino Luxury Designer Outdoor Glass Foosball Table Black / White / Silver 140 x 74 x H. 92 cm - Hotel Collection - Luxury Quality

Item number 113955

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Luxury designer foosball table by Casa Padrino

Material: tempered glass, aluminum, brass, stainless steel

Width: 140 cm

Depth: 74 cm

Height: 92 cm

Weight: 106 kg

Color: clear glass / black / white / silver

Laminated glass playing field

Beveled and polished glass

Play figures made of aluminum

Chromed brass handles

Gates made of polished stainless steel frames and handcrafted nets

Suitable for outdoor use

This foosball table was made by digital numerical control.

High-quality materials

First-class workmanship

Easy-care & durable material

Luxury quality

From the luxury hotel collection by Casa Padrino!

You are buying a product from the Casa Padrino brand.
Casa Padrino is a Europe-wide renowned producer and distributor of baroque furniture and a registered trademark at the German Patent and Trademark Office.

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